Jetanin was their ultimate success

This is a story about Mommy Phatthamon Ketwattha and Daddy Kittiwin Pipopwattana, who turned to Jetanin to help they deliver their most precious gift. A beautiful, healthy baby. Their journey to parenthood took almost four years, before they finally received good news. Now the family’s the newest member is making the family’s bond stronger than ever.  “Khaohom brought love and warmth back into our family. We’re spending more time together than before” Khun Phatthamon said.  Through four years of great effort, she explained that she’d visited every place people wanted to have a baby would go to. She’d been to

The right technique for every patient’s need

“I lessen my expectation and was prepared for disappointment because I really didn’t believe it would be successful.” “I would like to thank the doctor with all my heart. Our family has become a more complete family.” Jetanin: Congratulations on your lovely daughter and the second baby you are carrying which is also the result of Dr. Kriengchai’s care. Saeng-Arun Vold:  “Yes, now our first daughter is 1 year and 4 months old and I have been pregnant with the second baby for 8 weeks.” Jetanin: Did you previously know the reason for your infertility issues, and how long were

A solution for every situation

Jetanin: How long had you been married before this pregnancy? Khun THINZAR TUN: “It had been more than 20 years. After getting married and living together for a long time, we wanted to have a baby and we tried many times. We consulted with a doctor in Myanmar but it didn’t work, so our friend suggested we should come to Jetanin. We quickly learned that Jetanin’s doctors are very smart and took great care of their patients. We tried other places before but they weren’t successful, so we decided to get the treatment at Jetanin. We met Dr. Somjate who