๊Unconditional love
      To me, children represent a kind of love that can never bring us sadness – it's unconditional love. It means that no matter what happens, it will never let us down or leave us disappointed.   Khun Bee and Khun Mai told us about the start of their fertility treatment at Jetanin. Khun Bee: I actually had never
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“I started to think about egg freezing when I was 35 after learning about it in a newspaper article. The news suggested it was a good option for the modern women.” Khu...

” There has been a significant change, our daughter is very precious in our lives. She came into our lives to fulfill us.” Khun Som – Khun William

“We went through a lot. So many people asked us about it. My husband told them how thorough the doctor was. Many appointments, many checkups, many procedures”. K...

“Age is not a barrier, if you have the right doctors and the right advice” Khun Sansanee

“We tried so many places. Finally we came to Jetanin & were blessed with the child we wanted” Khun Phatthamon Ketwattha

“Other people can give support but everything depends on ourselves. We have to change the way we look at life. Jetanin helped us understand this. We walked into Jetani...

“We decided to be treated here and were successful after the first try” Khun Hyewon Kang

“We were very pleased because we have been trying to have a baby for our entire married life, 12 years.” The Chaiabrando Family

“I have to say that I was really impressed with the doctor. He was really kind and friendly. He made me feel like family.” Nguyen Do Quynh Chao

“Dr. Kriangchai suggested that we should have the sperm and embryo frozen for later use, so we didn’t have to start all over from the beginning. We saved a lot of time...