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The doctor used the TESE treatment method together with the ICSI technique. The doctor took great care and paid attention to every detail. He was careful with every step.

Khun Thinzar Tun

Jetanin: How long had you been married before this pregnancy?

Khun THINZAR TUN: “It had been more than 20 years. After getting married and living together for a long time, we wanted to have a baby and we tried many times. We consulted with a doctor in Myanmar but it didn’t work, so our friend suggested we should come to Jetanin. We quickly learned that Jetanin’s doctors are very smart and took great care of their patients. We tried other places before but they weren’t successful, so we decided to get the treatment at Jetanin. We met Dr. Somjate who has helped us meet our little ‘CHIT WADY NAING’.”

Jetanin: Before Khun THINZAR TUN began the treatment with Jetanin, were you worried or afraid?

Khun THINZAR TUN: “Before the treatment, I was so nervous. Actually everyone must feel that way. As I mentioned, we tried another place which didn’t work out and we were devastated. So we read books to get more information, and at the same time we tried to take good care of our health, both myself and my husband. We are always there for each other.”

Jetanin: Did the doctor tell you what the cause was of your infertility issue? What are your impressions of the service?

Khun THINZAR TUN: “The cause of our infertility issue was my husband. He did not have a high enough sperm count so the doctor used the TESE treatment method together with the ICSI technique. The doctor took great care and paid attention to every detail. He was careful with every step. The hospital and the nurses are also so caring and friendly. They always greet us with smiles and support. Please forward our big thanks to Dr.Somjate for always supporting and taking such a great care of us. He gave us everything we could have wished for, a complete family.”

Jetanin: After you became pregnant, how did you both feel?

Khun THINZAR TUN: “We were so pleased, really really happy, after all the hard times we’d been through. We had a married life of over 20 years without a child. She is the precious gift for us. When we found out I was pregnant, we couldn’t find the right words to explain this kind of happiness. We were the happiest couple we know. It is like we have fulfilled the dream we have always wanted. Our families were also very happy. Grandpa and grandma were so pleased after all our efforts, especially after the first two times didn’t succeed. The third time is the charm.”

Jetanin: Please give some suggestions for other married couples who have not been successful yet.

Khun THINZAR TUN: “I would like to suggest anyone who reads this interview; I wish them courage, patience and perseverance. We failed twice before we finally got ‘CHIT WADY NAING’. She is the reward for our efforts, and has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives. Not only us – all her grandparents are very happy. We can feel the love all around us.”

This is the family’s real meaning of ‘being together’. To become a complete family, a husband and a wife are sometimes not enough. It takes a child to bring together all the love within the family.



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