High Success Rate

Jetanin is a leading fertility center in Asia with a high success rate. We are the first fertility center in SE Asia to successfully treat steriled-male

International Accreditation

Jetanin IVF is the first IVF center in South East Asia that have been accredited with both JCI (Joint Commission International) from the USA and RTAC

Over 25 years of experience

Jetanin was founded in 1995 by Pol.Gen.Dr. Jongjate Aojanepong. Jetanin’s vision is to be a leader in fertility treatments that are tailored to the needs

Experienced Doctors

Our doctors at Jetanin are all qualified specialists. With the experience and dedication, our team of doctors are here to provide you with the latest

In-House Operations

All procedures in Embryo lab, Genetics lab and Sperm lab are done by our in-house specialists using Jetanin’s high-quality laboratories. This ensures

Double-witness approach

At Jetanin, we assign two specialists to perform and to be a double witness in every procedure in our laboratories throughout every stage of your fertility

International Standard Facilities

Our medical facilities and laboratories are accredited with standards including: ISO 15189:2007 for Laboratory Operations, ISO 15190:2003 for Medical


We understand that fertility treatment does require a financial commitment. Our offer is to provide you with a tailored fertility treatment plan with specific

Experienced counselor support

Our counseling service team, is here to provide you with customer support at every step of your journey. Our counselors are highly trained in offering you



Plan for the future

“I started to think about egg deposit when I was 35 after learning about it in a newspaper article. The news suggested it was a good option for the modern women.” Khun Alisa ‘Ja’ Phantusak

Jetanin was their ultimate success

“We tried so many places. Finally we came to Jetanin & were blessed with the child we wanted.” Mommy Phatthamon Ketwattha

Never lose hope

“I was diagnosed with Hyper Thyroid. I didn’t know about this before; even the Burmese and Chinese doctors didn’t know. I found out about it when I came here for my check up.” Khun Hmwe Hlant


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