Jetanin was their ultimate success

“We tried so many places. Finally we came to Jetanin & were blessed with the child we wanted” Khun Phatthamon Ketwattha

This is a story about Mommy Phatthamon Ketwattha and Daddy Kittiwin Pipopwattana, who turned to Jetanin to help they deliver their most precious gift. A beautiful, healthy baby. Their journey to parenthood took almost four years, before they finally received good news. Now the family’s the newest member is making the family’s bond stronger than ever. 

“Khaohom brought love and warmth back into our family. We’re spending more time together than before” Khun Phatthamon said. 

Through four years of great effort, she explained that she’d visited every place people wanted to have a baby would go to. She’d been to clinics both in Thailand and overseas, including Japan and Hong Kong. She consulted with experts at several hospitals, before her relative suggested she might want to pay a visit to Jetanin. Her relative had successfully given birth to a child with Jetanin’s assistance. This was a big motivation for her to check out the services here. 

“I’d been having trouble getting pregnant, without a clear reason why. I got married when I was 25, which was quite young. The doctors at Jetanin told us that we would succeed. And we did with the fifth round of Embryo Transfer (ET). However, when I was 12 weeks pregnant, the baby stopped growing. That happened on the day that I was going to receive an antenatal care book,” the mother recalled. 

Although she was in deep sorrow with the disappointment, her family and friends were there to support her through that tough time. The Embryo Transfer (ET) by Jetanin was performed on her again. When it reached the 9th time, Khun Phatthamon made up her mind that that would be her last try.

“The ninth ET was done after I had just got back from Switzerland. I had a cold too. So on the day Doctor Yoko was going to tell us the lab result, I thought I might not be pregnant. We arrived at the hospital a bit late for the appointment but our doctor was still waiting for us. She waited to tell us that we were successful this time. My husband and I were beyond happy.” 

We tried so many places. Finally Jetanin blessed us with the child we wanted.” the brand-new mother shared the moment with tears of joy. The arrival of Khaohom was just the beginning of a great happiness.

Khun Patthamon added that since she has got the baby, the family are spending more time together. The father, who would usually worked so hard, now rushes home to be with the baby. He also passionately researches information on baby care. 

“All along, he was quiet and prudent, focusing on work only. However, since we have had the baby, we’ve realized that he has another passion apart work. He is a very good father. He can do many things for me. Every time I got concerned, he will search for the right information to explain it to me until I’m happy. My mother-in-law also visits us more often. In the past she would only come up to Bangkok from Phuket only once in a while. So, everything in our family has been changing in a better way,” she said.

Besides the blessing of having this healthy baby girl, Khun Phatthamon recalled that, during the pregnancy, she was nervous all the time as she had experienced miscarriage before. But Doctor Yoko always gave her very good advice. She made herself available for consultation both during and out of office hours. For some issues that needed a detailed-explanation, the doctor would always search for the information through textbooks and research to lessen the mother’s concern. 

“I feel like she did not treat me like a patient, but like a younger sister. No matter how late it was, she would always be there to pick up my call. Now we want to have another child. Our dream has always been to have a big family with many children surrounding us.”

“Four kids will do. We will definitely go back to Jetanin for fertility treatment. They always provide great advice for mothers-to-be and are well-equipped with advanced technology to help with the pregnancy and the antenatal care. I don’t want any couples that have not been successful to feel discouraged. At this time, the fertility medical technology is very advanced. There are a wide range of technologies that can be right for you, and help make your dream of having a baby come true. The only thing all mothers should do is to prepare themselves mentally and physically. For me, Jetanin is the best” the beaming mother concluded.




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