The beginning of treatment at Jetanin Hospital

Mr. Adisak: We have tried naturally to have a child together for about 2 years. But as we got older, we felt like we couldn’t wait anymore, so we started looking for more information and a place for treatment.

Miss Arisara: As he said, but before we came to Jetanin, we had been to another hospital. But the treatment there was not successful. An acquaintance of ours had been successful at Jetanin, so they recommended that we come here. We’d already heard of Jetanin before, so it wasn’t hard to decide to go here, and we got to meet Dr. Pim.

Not all smooth sailing treatment, there were obstacles and a test of patience

Miss Arisara, before the start of treatment, we had been worried about many things. Then we found that I had cysts, so Dr. Pim told me to seek treatment first as they could affect embryo implantation. Everything had to be paused there for my treatment and surgery to remove the cysts, as suggested by Dr. Pim. After the surgery and recuperation, we resumed the serious ICSI process. We had 2 embryo transfers.

The first time we were disappointed. I don’t know if it was because I was too worried that I couldn’t conceive. But we didn’t give up and opted for another round. This second time Dr. Pim also recommended chromosome testing. After transferring the embryo, I asked to stay at the hospital for about 7 days.

The longest 7 days of their life

Miss Arisara: 7 days that I was staying at the hospital, waiting for the embryo transfer results, I was so excited. It was the longest 7 days as I wanted them to pass quickly. After 7 days, the results showed that I was pregnant and very happy. It was like the world had just stopped turning. It was very valuable, with the patience and the hope that we carried. On that day, it was fulfilled, and we were really happy.

Mr. Adisak: We had been disappointed the first round, so this time we didn’t want to expect much. But I couldn’t help anticipating it. Every evening, I would run to Lumphini Park, close to the hospital, as I also wished for the time to pass quickly. After 7 days, the result came out that she was pregnant. We were so happy, very happy.

The greatest happiness in their lives is seeing their child growing up every day

Mr. Adisak: From the day we started treatment until now, we have seen how our child grows daily. It truly brings us joy to see our child in good health.

Miss Arisara: The two of us don’t want anything but to see them grow up the way they want to be. For them to be happy and healthy. The child made us understand what being “ happiest in life ” feels like. It seems to be a very common statement that we have always heard. But now we have truly understood the depth of such feelings.


Most impressive about the treatment at Jetanin Hospital

 Miss Arisara: I must tell you that everyone took great care of us. Whether it’s nurses, information personnel or other staff, including Dr. Pim. One thing that we have been very impressed with about Dr. Pim is that Dr. Pim is a doctor who understands patients. She knew we needed not a consultation on behalf of the doctor and the patient but encouragement to keep us fighting. We already knew that Dr. Pim would give us her best treatment, but her encouragement made us feel very lucky to have met Dr. Pim.

To other couples who haven’t been successful

 Miss Arisara: I want to encourage you. I want you to be patient, to keep fighting and not lose hope. At the end of it, all could be the day with your wish fulfilled, and that could make you unbearably happy.

Mr. Adisak: I want to encourage you to be patient. That’s because when you are successful and have a child of your own, they could make your every day happy and meaningful.