How did you find out about Jetanin?

June: I have to tell you that Jetanin wasn’t actually our first choice for treatment. We had consulted with another hospital before, but the treatment there wasn’t successful. So I went on social media and that was how I found Jetanin. I thought this place looked interesting because there were a lot of specialists and I wanted to give it a try.

Mister: At that time we decided to change to Jetanin because I had had a check-up at the other hospital. We had been told that our fertility problems were caused by abnormalities in my sperm, leaving us with no chance of conceiving, but we didn’t believe them at the time. So we thought maybe we’d need a new place for treatment.

How did you feel after coming to Jetanin Hospital and having your first consultation?

June: I still remember my feelings on that first day really well. The doctor told us that we could conceive even with only one sperm. When we heard this, we were so happy and hopeful.

Mister: After that, we decided to do the treatment here, so we went on to start the process. I had all the examinations again and the doctor told us that our chance wasn’t 0%. It might only be 1% or 2%, but that was still a chance. It’s not like what the first hospital told us at all.

Impressive moments in the treatment course at Jetanin Hospital

June: If we don’t count the issue at the start with my husband’s sperm, our treatment was pretty smooth sailing. We felt very good and at ease as we fully trusted this hospital for the entire treatment process. I had the opportunity to receive treatment with Dr. Pim, who took very good care of me. She was very friendly and kind while providing straightforward and easy-to-understand advice. I was very impressed with her. When it was time for my embryo transfer, she didn’t just put it in to get me pregnant but explained the details and the reasons behind having 1,2, or 3 embryos being transferred, as well as the possible dangers or risks of doing so. From that, I could tell that she really cared.

As an influencer, how did you divide your time? Did the IVF treatment affect your career?

June: I have to tell you that at first glance, for many people, IVF seems like a super complicated treatment because you need an injection every day. But for me, it was actually very easy. The doctor and I discussed the dates and times, then we just followed through with them all. So nothing affected my work.

How did you both feel during the treatment process?

June: In terms of the treatment process, I think it was like wishing to win the lottery. There was a feeling of anticipation at every step. How many eggs would we get? How many embryos would we have? Would the embryo stick? Everything was exciting. After finding out that I was definitely pregnant, I was still excited. When I gave birth, I just understood what it was like to be a mother. It is both joy and excitement, and I want to keep watching our child grow. I want them to grow up to be a strong and happy person.
Mister: I was excited, too, well, neither of us was stressed. We just let everything run its course. When I found out for sure that we had a child coming, I was really happy and excited. I just want to see our child grow every day.

“We wanted another child…and this time we didn’t hesitate to do it at Jetanin.

Mister: After our first child was born and it was a healthy baby, we then thought of having another one. We came back here, no questions asked, and it was another successful treatment. Our second time at Jetanin was excellent too. Doctors, nurses, and all the staff were still as lovely as they had been before.

June: At that time, we talked about wanting to have a second child. We agreed that we would go back to Jetanin again. It’s just like what my husband said, we were still impressed and happy the second time around.

What would you like to say to people who have not yet been successful in conceiving?

June: I have to tell you that everything takes time. The two of us were not stressed at all. We just let everything run its course. We trusted the doctor and followed all the instructions, but if it hadn’t worked, we would have just let it go and started all over again. We didn’t have high expectations, so we weren’t weighed down by them.

Mister: I’d say the same. Don’t stress about what hasn’t arrived yet. Just follow the steps the doctor tells you. Then one day when you have done everything you can, it doesn’t matter what the result will be. You can always start over.