Plan for the future

I started to think about egg freezing when I was 35 after learning about it in a newspaper article. The news suggested it was a good option for the modern women.” Khun Alisa ‘Ja’ Phanthusak

A Happy family overflown with positive power


This is a great example of a family with the perfect plan to balance their work and personal matters in order to make a complete family. Jetanin would like to introduce you to the story of Mrs. Alisa “Ja” Phanthusak, the beautiful, talented wife of Dr. Poowanart “Aun” Kunpalin. Khun Ja is 45 years old. Apart from her role as an executive and a wife, she is also a mother of 1-year-old “Paul”. Let’s see how the master plan for their warm, loving family began.

The start of marriage-life planning

Khun Ja : “I froze my eggs when I was 38, before getting married at the age of 42. We tried it natural way for about 6 months without success. Then we consulted with Dr. Somjate, who is also my classmate since high school. I trust in my good friend and also in Jetanin’s reputation.”

Khun Aun : “Actually, we were very busy during our 6 months of trying it the natural way. We were traveling all the time. We were always on a plane or car during her ovulation. We finally decided to come to Jetanin Institute. I think consulting the doctor is a part of life-planning. You don’t have to be sick or something to visit a doctor. The doctor suggested we try it naturally for another 2 months. But we checked our schedule and Ja’s ovulation would happen during my business trips and she will be busy with some contests too. So it wouldn’t work that way. “

Egg freezing is future assurance

Khun Ja : “I’m a very organized person who plans for everything. I started to think about egg freezing when I was 35 after learning about it in a newspaper article. The news suggested it was a good option for the modern women.”

“I was a bit busy and forgot about it until I turned 38 and was thinking about marrying Dr. Poowanart. (laugh) I didn’t want to rush into marriage. He kept asking me about it, telling me it will be difficult to have a child when we are older. I was thinking hard and I wanted some time to prepare. I was still enjoying freedom of being on my own and getting married would be a big change in my life. I wouldn’t have my personal space and time anymore. I wouldn’t be able to give 120% at work like I used to do. My business required me to travel back and forth from Bangkok to Pattaya.  It was so hectic I didn’t think about getting married. I don’t hate marriage, but I just wanted to hold on to my old way of life for as long as I could.”

“But he proposed when I was just 38. So I contacted Dr. Somjate and he suggested I make an egg freezing. I got my blood tested to see if I could undergo the operation. I was a little worried that, at age of 35, I might be a bit too old for it. Fortunately, the result showed that my blood is as healthy as a 30 year-old. The doctor even asked me how I maintained my health. It was because I took good care of myself. I eat healthy food and do yoga regularly. I was very healthy and active.”

“My egg freezing was simple and painless. I took shots as prescribed. I just had to make it a routine. I wasn’t worried about it at all. It’s all about discipline. You need to make yourself used to the new routine; taking shots on time, visiting the doctor as arranged, and following the doctor’s advice.”

Good health. Good mood. Good life.

Khun Ja : “We visited the doctor after we got married. Our health checkup showed that we both were very healthy. I made another egg freezing when I was 42. But in the end, the doctor chose to use my eggs from my first depotsit because they are healthier. It’s about choosing the best.”

Khun Aun : “Ja and I used to talk about how it looked harder for other couples to have a baby. But for us, it was simple and smooth. Like after the embryo transfer, the doctor suggested Ja to stay home and lie in bed for 3 days. She didn’t strictly follow that. That might be because we weren’t stressed and had no pressure to have a baby. We could always try it again if we failed. We could try it natural way again or anything that was available. We are already happy with our lives and we didn’t want this matter to ruin our happiness. We just let it be as it should, without any expectations. We didn’t even expect what gender our baby have to be.”

Good way of life brings about good things

Khun Ja : “I have some friends who really want to have children. They went around the world seeking solutions. They have tried every possible way but never gotten positive results. They were so upset about it. At that time, I didn’t have Paul yet, but I suggested they visit Dr. Somjate whom I’ve froze my eggs with. They consulted with the doctor and they finally got the baby they’ve long wished for, after having spent a fortune elsewhere.

“I advised them to stay happy and relaxed. Be happy with everyday life. She was too worried and too stressed about having a baby. I told her to get up. Do more exercise. Get in shape. Put on nice clothes and be confident. Go travel until she becomes happier. That’s it. She might think I’m crazy to give her such an advice.” (laugh)

Khun Aun : “We believe in being happiness-oriented. I believe if we are happy, and our family is happy, why wouldn’t a pure spirit want to incarnate as our baby? On the other hand, if you’re putting yourself in to depression, and don’t expect you’ll have a baby, you wouldn’t expect the right outcome..

Khun Ja : “Work is already stressful, but we must be able to step out from our work life. I work to create a better life, certainly not to make our lives worse. You need to know how to live your life. If I don’t find the time, how can I teach my children to live their lives?”

This is just one of the many great conversations we have with this lovely family that shows amazing chemistry and support for each other in a harmonious way. And the most important thing of all, they’ve made a plan for their future by securing their chance of having a baby when both their bodies and minds are ready.






“I started to think about egg freezing when I was 35 after learning about it in a newspaper article. The news suggested it was a good option for the modern women.” Khu...

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