You were worth the wait


The is the story of Jin and Aof, a couple of medical technicians who had tried to conceive naturally for 3 years in their marriage but without success. In order not to lose time in their optimal fertility age, Jin and Aof turned to assisted conception, consulting with doctors at Jetanin Hospital, and opting for ICSI treatment.

Being a couple of medical technicians, we knew which hospitals are outstanding for this treatment…and Jetanin was our first choice.

Jin: “We’re both medical technicians, so we’re in-the-know about medicine circles. We know which hospitals are well-known for what treatments. We had some of the information so Jetanin was always my first choice, and we also have seniors and juniors of the same profession working at Jetanin. So we were able to talk to them, getting advice from them, and decided to have treatment here.”

Because time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Jin: “The first time we met Dr. Pim, she suggested that we try IUI first. Dr.Pim said that my husband’s sperm were healthy and functioned normally, and I was still fairly young. But then when we did ovarian stimulation, we actually got 5 eggs. With that, Dr. Pim didn’t want to proceed with insemination, fearing that we might conceive twins. Dr. Pim asked us to go back to the natural way but being more mindful of the ovulation days, yet I still couldn’t get pregnant. So, I told Dr. Pim that I’d like to try ICSI treatment. I wanted to succeed within that year, because I knew I was getting older every day and I didn’t want to wait anymore.”

We then asked how she had been feeling from the start of ICSI treatment until the successful pregnancy.

Jin: “At the start of ICSI treatment, we were able to collect 15 eggs, 12 of which could be used for the treatment. There were 6 embryos that reached the blastocyst stage, Dr. Pim then proceeded with an embryo transfer, and it was a first-time success.”

Overflowing with happiness…more than 1 heartbeat inside her body.

Jin: “I couldn’t sleep at all. I was are very excited because we had been disappointed so many times. This time I told myself that I would not secretly do the [pregnancy] test, yet I still did it the night before an appointment with Dr. Pim. I woke up at 2 AM and did the test. The result told me that I might be pregnant and the morning appointment with Dr. Pim confirmed it. But that wasn’t the only surprise we got, Dr. Pim told us that my HCG level was really high and I might have twins. It turned out that I’ve really got two – one male and female. I was so happy.”

Aof: “As for me, It was more of a relief, because we had tried quite a lot to conceive, but no matter what we did, we couldn’t do it. So, I was so happy we did it. My father and mother, now grandfather and grandmother to our kids, have always wanted grandchildren. They love kids and they’re partly why we wanted to have ours.”

“Because for us, our image of family includes a father, a mother, and a child, so we know that having children will fulfill our lives. We used to do things alone, or by ourselves, but now that we have kids, we have more purpose in life. We do more planning and now we know what we’ve been working for.”

What did you find most impressive here? Why should other couples choose Jetanin?

Aof: “Personally, I did not use a lot of the hospital services. It was mostly Jin who had the treatment, but I could see when I came to send her off or pick her up that the staff here are really attentive, like the security guards that ensured I would get a place to park every time I came here. Even on busy days when the parking lot was packed, they would help me find a spot and help me park, and when I walked past the reception I would be greeted warmly. They also gave really good advice and could help you with anything.”

Jin: “For me, I’ve been impressed with all of the service. The nurses and staff were all very welcoming and gave really good advice. One of the reasons I did not choose to continue with ICSI treatment at the previous hospital was because I did not feel very comfortable with the doctor there. That’s why we decided to change hospitals.”

“When I first met Dr. Pim, I was really impressed with her. Meeting Dr. Pim made our treatment feel easier, and talking to her was like talking to a friend. She explained things with easy-to-understand science which was the type of advice that I had been looking for, so we got along really well and we were ready to follow her advice. Dr. Pim was also really supportive from the start of the treatment until my pregnancy. Now our kids are already 1 year old but Dr. Pim and I still talk.”

What would you like to say to couples who are in the process of deciding whether to start treatment or are still hesitating?

Jin: “Well, in our case when we realized we really wanted a child, it didn’t come easily. I still have no idea why it was so hard for us. It could be that our lives these days are so stressful, plus pollution and many other factors which might be what made it hard for us to have kids. So, anyone who is still hesitating or deciding whether or not to have children, if you are 30 years or older, you should really plan well. I’d recommend consulting with a doctor, so you don’t waste time and also get the right treatment.”


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