Q: How should I prepare for a sperm-analysis test?

A: You should reframe from sexual intercourse or mastrubation for 3-5 days (but no more than 7 days). Rest well before the test day and you should be able to received the results after the sperm collecting in approximately 60-90 minutes.

Q: How long can you store the frozen sperms?

A: When Sperm-Freezing is a medical procedure used to preserve the sperms in liquid nitrogen at -196 °c. It can be stored for over 10 years.

Q: Who should consider sperm-freezing?

A: 1. Cancer patients prior to chemotherapy or taking medication that affect their sperm production. 2. Patients prior to vasectomy 3. Patients who had expereince difficulty with natural ejaculation. Those who want to donate their sperm. Those who plan to undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery from Male to Female and want to start a family in the future.

Q: Can I still have children if I undergo vasectomy many years ago? Do I have to perform a reversal procedure?

A: Yes, you can, through the IVF treatment and by extracting the sperm directly from the testis by PESA/TESE. Not necessary to perform a reversal procedure.

Q: Can the inability to produce more semen during ejeculation cause fertility issues?

A: Yes. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the amount of semen in each ejaculation should be over or equivalent to 1.5 milliliters. There also must be more than 15 million sperm per milliliter. The mobility should be over 40% and the qualified shape should be over 14%. However, the amount of semen alone cannot determine infertility. In some cases with a high amount of semen, the sperm count are founded to be very low or immobile.