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For over 27 years Jetanin’s qualified doctors & professionals have been providing fertility solutions tailored to specific individual and family needs. With a complete range of latest technology, in house and on site fertility services, we provide you with the best chance of having a healthy and happy baby. Every year, we are fortunate to receive thousands of patients from outside Thailand, including from all over India and feel very happy to be able to help them in the best possible way.

Jetanin understands the emotional journey that couples go through as they consider an IVF treatment. Through this process our paramount concern is your well-being and doing what is best for you. No one understands this better than our counseling team, who is here to support you on your journey every step of the way. Naturally, Jetanin has become the most recommended destination of world-class reproductive services for Thai and international couples.

As one of the leading fertility centers in Thailand, our dedicated doctors and staff members have helped tens of thousands of couples to achieve their dream of having a family.

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Jetanin has a panel of 9 full time doctors. Having a team of experienced, full time doctors ensures that the you would get all the mindspace and consistent care with the same doctor over a period of time.

International accreditation

Jetanin is the only hospital in South East Asia achieving both RTAC Accreditation (from Australia) and JCI Accreditation (from the USA). This speaks for itself. Please rest assured that you are in hands of a world class organization that meets the most stringent standards of the best centers in USA and Australia, including the facilities, technology, expertise, medicine and medical equipment used during the process.

Advanced laboratories and qualified technician

State-of-the-art laboratories with qualified technicians are sometimes as essential as a qualified doctor to help boost the chances of success. For instance, Jetanin’s Embryo laboratory with it’s ESHRE certified embryologist will ensure that your embryo is in the good hands, every step of the way. 

Our genetic laboratory with qualified geneticists can perform the embryo chromosome screening for all 23 pairs by PGT-A method and helps put the couple’s mind at ease that the healthiest embryo is selected. This greatly increases your chances of getting pregnant. Last but not least, Jetanin is one of the few labs that assigns two specialists to perform and double witness in every procedure in our laboratories throughout every stage of your fertility treatment. This ensures the highest standards of quality control and reaffirms our commitment to success with integrity, transparency, and attention to every detail.

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