PESA/TESE can be used in cases involving male sterility with an absence of sperm in semen.

Possible causes are from occlusion of the vas deferens, congenital absence of the vas deferens, problems with ejaculation, previous testicular inflammation due to mumps virus.

Persons with the mentioned problems are unable to have children, except by using donated sperm. With highly advanced technology, we can help men with these problems to have children by perform percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) or testicular epididymal sperm extraction (TESE) to obtain sperm directly from testis for ICSI


PESA is the method of aspiration using small needle piercing through skin onto epididymis to extract sperm.

TESE is performed to obtain small piece(s) of testicular tissue and using microscope to find sperm in the testicular tissue.
After acquiring viable sperm, sperm will be used to fertilize egg by using a micromanipulator by ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) technique.

Recommended for

• Men with testicular problems from genetic condition or previous infection (e.g. mumps), resulting in poor sperm production
• An irreversible obstruction of the genital tract (possibly caused by a previous infection, trauma or surgery)
• Congenital absence (absence from birth) of the vas deferens, which is common in carriers of cystic fibrosis-A previous vasectomy or an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal.

At Jetanin

• The First successful “TESE/ICSI” in Thailand was performed by Police General Dr. Jongjate Aojanepong, founder of Jetanin. The success was officially reported in March 1996. The infants were healthy twins.
• We have experienced urologists to perform the procedure, so there would be less complications and more chances of success.

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