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” He called us on a daily basis about our progress. The doctor was into this as much as we were.”  Mrs Guntipa

Have you ever been treated anywhere before Jetanin?

Mrs.Guntipa : We’ve tried many places before, to be honest. The first attempt was successful but we lost the baby after just eight weeks. At that time, we went back and forth between Thailand and Shanghai. We took a break for a while after such disappointment.

Later on in 2014, we tried again in Shanghai to avoid frequent travel and yet we still failed. It may be because of our intense work schedules, as we were both working 12 hours a day at that time. When I turned 36 in 2015, we had a talk that we had to take this matter seriously now. He then quit his job in Shanghai and came to see the doctor here in Jetanin. We heard from our friends that this is the number one clinic in the country.

We were not well-prepared at all and I had no eggs, so the doctor advised me to take a rest first. During that time, I also took a traditional Chinese medicine from China Town for 5-6 months. Luckily, my mom went on the same trip with Dr. Somjate to Myanmar, so they knew each other. I also have a friend who had a successful result with him. So I decided  to get our treatment with Dr. Somjate.

What did the doctor suggest you do during the treatment?

Mrs.Guntipa : He told us that my body has poor egg production and my husband is in perfect condition. He prescribed me some different medicines and also suggested I get some exercise, go to yoga class, and avoid stress. I was taking good care of myself for months and came back to see the doctor again. He suggested we go for ICSI treatment from the start, and we got two embryos. They were all taken just to make sure, because I had very few eggs. We were okay with that as this would increase the possibility for us to have a child.

After that, the doctor advised us to go for a vacation and chill out. He called us on a daily basis about our progress. The doctor was into this as much as we were. We were by the beach waiting for an update from either the doctor or the nurse every day. It was as if they were all with us on vacation!

How did you feel the moment you knew the result?

Mrs.Guntipa : I went for the result with my mom and my sister while my husband was in Shanghai. When he found out we would be having twins, he was so shocked and overwhelmed because we had failed four times, so he didn’t expect that. He even burst into tears with joy. The doctor also said that the chance was really slim for us to have twins.

I’m now eight-months pregnant. My husband’s parents are happy too because these are their first grandchildren. I was extremely excited during the ultrasound, even though I couldn’t understand anything, but the doctor kindly explained it all. He said the twins are very healthy. They must have their papa’s genes because they’re so big. They’re a boy and girl twin. How could I be any happier?

How do you take care of yourself during the pregnancy?

Mrs.Guntipa : The doctor asked me to stay home and rest because I didn’t get pregnant naturally and no longer was in my twenties. I’m also diagnosed with diabetes, but it’s not that serious. Now my husband treats me too well. I feel kind of overprotected. The doctor asks me not to exercise, not to walk a lot, and stay less active than others. I just simply need to live an easy life at home. My husband moved back to Bangkok when I was quite far along in my pregnancy.

Any plan for new family members?

Mr.Guillaume : We are parents of two cultures. I want my kids to grow up without any conflict in cultural, traditional, language, and social aspects. I want them to learn both the histories of France and Thailand. I want them to be like us. They must understand Christianity and Buddhism and speak both Thai and French as well as English, which is the language their parents use to communicate with each other. We choose to settle down in Thailand as we used to move to many places and worked and lived our lives to the fullest. Once we knew we were having kids, we started to think that we’d need a home and we chose Thailand.

Any encouragement for those who have not achieved their goal yet?

Mr.Guillaume : We made several attempts without success. Until July 2015, we were working hard and were successful in our careers in Shanghai. One day, we realized that while we could be successful in our jobs, we can’t take our jobs with us when we die. Our colleagues won’t stay with us beside our dead-beds. So, what should we really achieve to be successful? It is a family. The doctor in Shanghai said that my wife had very few reserve eggs left in her body that the chances were almost zero of pregnancy. So we realized then that we couldn’t waste any more time.

Mrs.Guntipa : We understand how it feels to really want to have kids. It turns out that we put stress into our body and mind. If we’re still working like crazy, it’s really not going to work anyway. Give yourself time to do everything at your best. If you let things go without a plan, you’ll be stressed all the time. We need to plan very carefully, eat good food, and take care of your health.

If we became old and couldn’t really have a kids, we won’t regret the things we haven’t done. I know many people who want to have children, but have they given their all yet? I want to encourage them please, just don’t give up. They should try consulting a doctor at Jetanin. It has nothing to do with miracles at all. Where there is a will, there is a way.



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