” There has been a significant change, our daughter is very precious in our lives. She came into our lives to fulfill us.” Khun Som – Khun William


Today we would like to share a story of a first born that went through disappointment, effort and determination until finally succeeding. A story of a Thai-Dutch couple, “Khun Som” Thanitkarn Hazeleger, Mr. William Arbertus Hazeleger and their half Thai-Dutch daughter, baby Alicia Hazeleger, age 2.

Khun Som and her husband got married and lived in Hongkong for 5 years. They have tried to conceive for several years but weren’t successful. So they began to consult a doctor in Hong Kong to find treatment.


To reach success.. one must try

“After we got married, we tried to conceive naturally for 2 years. In 2015 we went to consult a doctor in Hong Kong and tried to do the treatment for another 2 years. We did IUI once and IVF twice, but still no baby. The treatments abroad do not have many techniques like in Thailand. The clinic that I went to does not have ICSI or IMSI like Jetanin Hospital. Also only a few clinics in Hong Kong can do chromosome screening before embryo transfer.”

They both tried the treatment in Hong Kong more than 5 times. Even when it wasn’t successful they were still hopeful. Until finally they had the opportunity to go consult with Dr. Kriangchai at Jetanin by the advice of their relatives.


Not being successful yet doesn’t mean it is impossible

“I already have a medical condition, I have type 2 diabetes so it’s difficult for me to have children. The main reason for doing the treatment at Jetanin is because my husband does not have a good sperm quality. If we wait any longer, it will not be good for our situation. The first treatment was in 2016. We had the ICSI treatment and the PGT-A. After the PGT-A we only got 1 frozen embryo. This is because my husband’s sperm mobility is low. Our second treatment was in 2017, my doctor recommended IMSI and a PGT-A. This round we retrieved 3 frozen embryos. We transferred one
embryo and got pregnant right away. It became successful after doing IMSI and we still have a few embryos left. Back then there were only a few clinics that can provide IMSI treatment.”

From worries to priceless happiness.

“Before any treatment, there were many concerns because we had the treatment in Hong Kong and got pregnant before, but the pregnancy stopped growing, and we were also worried about our health. But when we came to Jetanin for the treatment, the doctors really cared about our condition. Always checked up on us. We did worry whether we would get a miscarriage again or if it would be a success. But it was a success in our treatment here.”

Khun Som told us the feeling after she found out she got pregnant, she felt so excited. After a successful treatment, Khun Som was under the care of Dr. Kriangchai for 4 months before flying back to Hong Kong.

“We both were very happy after our first embryo implantation and got pregnant. But even so, there was still concerns of a miscarriage after a couple months. It is very amazing when I did the ultrasound, I felt so excited to see the baby’s face for the first time, to hear her heartbeat, see her kick, her developments and most importantly, knowing that our baby is healthy, that makes us
happy. Thanks to our doctor for the thorough ultrasound.”


Life changes after having a child

“There has been a significant change, our daughter is very precious in our lives. She came into our lives to fulfill us. Now we think and put our daughter first. Our family is happy, we are very happy”

When asked about planning for a second child, Khun Som replied that she plans to have an embryo transfer next year and also left an encouraging message to couples out there who have infertility problems.

“I would like to tell couples who are over 35 or 40 years that would like to have children and even some who have tried elsewhere and failed, try to open your heart and try the treatment at Jetanin. All the doctors here are very experienced with the advanced technologies and treatments. They have a thorough screening before the procedure.”


“I started to think about egg freezing when I was 35 after learning about it in a newspaper article. The news suggested it was a good option for the modern women.” Khu...

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