Never lose hope

“I was diagnosed with Hyper Thyroid. I didn’t know about this before; even the Burmese and Chinese doctors didn’t know. I found out about it when I came here for my check up.”
Khun Hmwe Hlant

Our deepest respect goes to this Burmese couple for their 15 years long effort to have a child. Today, they finally achieved success. Khun Hmwe Hlant, 43, is now 10 weeks pregnant and Khun Khin Maungshu, her husband, who has always been beside her, couldn’t be happier.

Their determined effort

They had been trying to have a child throughout the 15 years of their marriage. In 2005, they went to consult a fertility doctor in China and came back to consult with other fertility doctors in Myanmar three more times. They tried ICSI twice and IUI once. Unfortunately, the pregnancy never happened. They stopped everything for a while, because we were discouraged. 

“I was getting older and older” said Khun Hmwe Hlant.  “Then, last year, our friend suggested Jetanin. She said I still have time. If I reached 45, there will be nothing I could do. So, we rushed in to see the doctors here.” Khun Hme Hlant went on to answer several important questions about her experience.

Jetanin : What was your health problem?

Khun Hme Hlant : “I was diagnosed with Hyper Thyroid. I didn’t know about this before; even the Burmese and Chinese doctors didn’t know. I found out about it when I came here for my checkup. At Jetanin, couples get a full analysis of the causes of their infertility issues before starting the treatment.”

Jetanin : Why did you choose Jetanin?

Khun Hme Hlant : “Several of my friends came for fertility treatment here and all of them have been successful. We have to say that the doctors here are very good.”

Jetanin : How did the doctors impress you?

Khun Hme Hlant : “They were really kind and attentive. We could consult with them anytime and they would always be there to help.”

Jetanin : How did Jetanin impress you?

Khun Hme Hlant : “Using the most advanced technology and equipment. The service and hospitality are good too.”

Jetanin : How about the treatment?

Khun Hme Hlant : “We had done ICSI 3 times already. First, we could get only one egg which could not be injected because we were too stressed and worried. The second time, we were still nervous so it was not successful. For the third time, the doctor repeatedly asked us not to be too stressed. Then, it was successful.” 

Jetanin : How did you encourage yourself to win over the initial disappointment?

Khun Hme Hlant : “For this success, I would like to thank all my friends and family, especially my husband. He wanted to have a child more than I did (laugh). He said he will ask me to keep trying until I’m pregnant.”

Jetanin : How did you feel when you found out that you were pregnant?

Khun Hme Hlant : “I didn’t believe it until the doctor checked and told me that I’m 5 weeks pregnant. I was so stunned and didn’t know what to do. My husband was in Myanmar then. When I told him, he was so excited that he couldn’t focus on his work. (laugh). We had been waiting for this for 15 years. It was overwhelming beyond anything we’ve experienced and I couldn’t describe it. We were so happy that we are going to have a child.”

Jetanin : How do you take care yourself during pregnancy?

Khun Hme Hlant : “My husband has been taking very good care of me. When I had to see the doctors at Jetanin and my husband was not available, our relatives would accompany me all the time. This time, my niece was sent to take care of me.”

Jetanin : Will you stay in Thailand until the due date?

Khun Hme Hlant : “I will be staying in Thailand for a while, waiting to have 4-dimensional ultrasound by the end of March. After that, I will go back to Myanmar.”

Khun Hmwe Hlant’s smiles and laughs throughout our interview clearly told us how happy she was. By the time her baby comes into the world, this couple’s lives will surely be even brighter, and finally complete.



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