Finding Balance Work-Life Balance for IVF

Finding Balance Work-Life Balance for IVF

The current pandemic situation and work-related stress have created more worries and have increased people’s infertility concerns. Today, Dr. Pim would like to share with you some tips on you how you can maintain a balanced life required for IVF.

Time Management

IVF treatment consumes a lot of your time for activities like consulting doctors for stimulating eggs, making following-up appointments to discuss results of tests, etc. Therefore, to maintain an excellent work-life balance required for IVF treatment, segregation of work time and personal time is important.

Daily Workflow Notetaking

You can clearly define the scope of your work and your work priorities by taking notes. In this world of constant accountability and performance pressures, it is understandable that your daily routine is so busy that there is no free time left. So, in order to better manage your workflow and prioritize your tasks, you can jot down all work to-dos in convenient formats in devices of your choice such as notebook, phones or other devices. This helps you in prioritizing tasks that are more urgent and need immediate attention and tasks that are of less urgency and can be pushed off to a later time.

Advancement of Technology

In this digital age, technology plays a very important role. The advent of internet has made our work easier in such a way that when we have to make quick decisions at work, we are able to do so without adversely affecting our work outcomes. Also, in this world of continuous connectivity, remaining connected with work is of paramount importance. Even when we are not in our work environment, we are able to remain in touch with our work via technology and digital platforms like phone, email, LINE, etc.

Setting Clear Goals

A big part of success at work can be achieved via goal setting. While at work, our daily goals inform us about what needs to be done each day to obtain optimal efficiency. Goal setting is akin to defining our own path of accomplishment at work. It may so happen that we are not able to meticulously follow the path we set at work but what goal setting does is it helps you plan our work for a smoother and worry-free work life.

Maintaining work-life balance is easy. Likewise, undergoing IVF procedure is also easy these days. All we need is a good preparation which includes maintaining sound physical and mental health and also making sure the couple stays healthy. Therefore, maintaining a balance between work, family and IVF for infertile couples is not difficult.

Written by
Dr.Piyaphan Punyatanasakchai
Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Reproductive Medicine