10 things you should know about IVF

10 things you should know about IVF

A couple who have been together for more than a year but the woman hasn’t been able to conceive despite having regular sex is considered to have infertility problem. Infertility can be easily solved with in-vitro fertilization or IVF.


1. What is IVF

IVF or in-vitro fertilization is the process of fertilizing eggs and sperm together in a laboratory to create an embryo and then placing the embryo in the woman’s womb to be conceived as a fetus.

2. When does one need IVF?

Infertility or difficulty conceiving can not only be caused by disorder of the female but also by the disorder of the male reproductive system. If a couple who has been trying to conceive for more than a year or if a couple in which the female is older than 35 years is unable to conceive after more than 6 months of trying, then the man also needs to be examined and diagnosed.

3. Success of IVF treatment.

Success of an IVF procedure depends on factors such as age and health of the male and the female, etc., but now, technology is also helping to increase pregnancy success rates. Technological procedures such as preimplantation genetic testing (chromosome screening) can increase the success rate by 70%

4. Preparing your body for IVF

Infertility is mostly caused by health issues. Therefore, both the man and the woman have to keep their health fit at all times by getting enough sleep and do exercising.

5. High levels of stress

Stress can cause hormone imbalance by affecting the physical and mental state of the body. This can, in turn, affect the success of pregnancy. Therefore, it is advised to reduce stress and anxiety while trying to conceive.

6.Avoid being overworked

We all know that health is the most important to consider. Both the husband’s and the wife’s bodies should remain strong for the wife to be able to conceive. Therefore, couples should avoid overwork during IVF

7. Food Habits

Alcohol and tobacco abuse weakens the sperm and the egg cells and should be avoided. On the other hand, eating healthy food assists in strengthening the egg and sperm cells which is ultimately good for conception

8.Mood and emotional swings

As people with infertility experience constant moods swings, mutual support during IVF procedure is imperative for it to be successful.

9. Side effects

IVF can cause anxiety and insomnia during the procedure. Woman may also experience abdominal discomfort, bloating, weight gain during the egg stimulation process.  However, these symptoms will disappear after the woman starts menstruation and have no long-term future side effects

10.IVF specialist

IVF works well for those who are infertile but as it takes patience, good planning with a specialist can help make it more successful.


Infertility or difficulty conceiving babies is a common disorder in females but can become a serious issue for many married couples. If you experience infertility as a couple, you may consider consulting to a specialist to plan on how to go forward with conceiving. Medical science has made great strides in this area and infertility or difficulty conceiving a baby is not considered a hinderance to a happy married life anymore.

Written by
Dr.Yoko Tawaratsumida
Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Reproductive Medicine