Q&A Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility Ep.2

Q&A Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility Ep.2

Question : How does smoking affect male reproductivity?

Answer: Substances in tobacco affect the whole body. In 2016, the European Urology published a study on male smokers and sperm quality. The results suggest that smoking causes reduction in sperm count, motility, while increasing sperm deformity. The DNA found in sperm head is fragmented. These conditions greatly reduce the chance of success for IVF. Jetanin Hospital has an advanced DNA fragmentation test equipment that is useful in selecting the most appropriate sperm for an IVF.


Question :: What IVF techniques do you recommend for a person with 3 miscarriages?

Answer: Miscarriages can be caused by several factors:

• The fetus may carry chromosomal abnormalities. It is recommended that you have a fetal chromosome test before transferring to the uterine cavity to mitigate the risk.

• The uterine cavity may be deformed or have membrane. This can be checked by uterine cavity examination and treated accordingly.

• Abnormalities in endocrine system such as thyroid and pituitary gland can be the causes. These should be treated before the next attempt for getting pregnant.

• Abnormalities in the immunity system such as antiphospholipid syndrome.

IVF may not always be an answer for all these reasons, but the fetal chromosome test should greatly reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Written by
Dr.Sirisuk Ouitrakul
Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Reproductive Medicine
Jetanin Hospital

JETANIN Journal Vol.11 No.1