Q&A Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility Ep.1

Q&A Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility Ep.1

Question : Who should have their eggs frozen?

Answer : The egg-freezing techniques are a great option for those who plan to have a baby in the future. The older a woman gets, the fewer her egg count and the lower quality, thus smaller chance for pregnancy. Jetanin Hospital has a case where 10-year-old frozen eggs could fertilize and gave birth to a healthy baby early 2019. It is recommended for:

• A woman with cancer history who is going to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy on the pelvic area

• A woman who constantly takes immunosuppressants, such as in an SLE case

• A woman who has undergone ovarian cyst surgery or lost either side of the ovaries

• A woman under age 30 with small egg count

• A woman who plans to have a baby in the future but is still single or currently not ready

The recommended number of eggs to be kept frozen is 10-15 eggs for one potential pregnancy (for women aged 35 or younger). The success rate depends on the quality and the quantity of eggs collected. The younger the owner, the higher chance of success.


Question : Does a fetal cell removal for chromosome examination cause abnormalities in the baby?

Answer : A fetal cell removal is completely safe and does not contribute to any abnormalities in the baby. It is done on the 3rd or 5th day, by taking out only some cells that will develop into the fetus or its placenta. Abnormalities are caused when cell division goes wrong during pregnancy, or by inherited genes.

Written by
Dr.Sirisuk Ouitrakul
Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Reproductive Medicine
Jetanin Hospital

JETANIN Journal Vol.11 No.1