Worth the 12 years of waiting

We were very pleased because we have been trying to have a baby for our entire married life, 12 years.” The Chaiabrando Family

If anyone would like to nominate to be the “Happiest Family”, we can definitely guarantee that the “Chaiabrando” family is one of them.

Jetanin: How long have you been married ?

The Chaiabrando Family: “We have been together for 12 years.”

Jetanin: How did you know about our clinic and why did you choose to have the treatment at Jetanin ?

The Chaiabrando Family: “I was recommended by my Argentinean friends. They lived in Thailand and had succeed in solving their infertility issues with Jatanin. Moreover ,I was really impressed with the doctors, the specialists and all the staff. They are really kind and friendly.”

Jetanin: Did you intend to have a child soon after marriage?

The Chaiabrando Family: “We intended to have a baby right after marriage and never used any contraception. We were trying but were never successful. Later when I moved to Thailand for work my friends recommended me come here for a consultation with Dr.Somjate, who had kindly provided us with very good advice.”

Jetanin: What is the cause of your fertility issue that Dr.Somjate advised you on, and what procedure did he recommend as the treatment ?

The Chaiabrando Family: “It was due to my low quality sperm and some issues with my wife’s hormones. He recommended we do ICSI treatment. We were very pleased because we have been trying to have a baby for our entire married life, 12 years. The one time we made the decision get the treatment with Dr.Somjate, we got our little boy. And now we are even more happy because she is pregnant with our second child naturally this time.”

Jetanin: For the second pregnancy, do you plan to have antenatal care in your home country or with Jetanin ?

The Chaiabrando Family: “Of course with Jetanin. We also plan to have antenatal care with Dr.Somjate until her delivery like we did with the first pregnancy.”

Jetanin: Do you expect a boy or girl from this pregnancy?

The Chaiabrando Family: “Actually we would love to have a baby girl, because we already have a boy, but if it is a boy we will be thrilled too, it doesn’t matter”

Jetanin: How was your health and how is the baby boy’s health after delivery ?

The Chaiabrando Family: “It’s great! I am in perfect health and my boy is in perfect health too. As you can see I am be able to get pregnant naturally now!”

We are very happy for the Chaiabrando family on the success of their little boy. May their joy continue as the child grows. We also want to congratulate them on their 2nd baby too. What a happy and wonderful family they are!