Overcome age limit

“Age is not a barrier, if you have the right doctors and the right advice”
Khun Sansanee

Planned to be pregnant right away after marriage.

Khun Sansanee : After getting married, we wanted to have a child right away because we were ready in every way. Also I was 38 years old then. However, we tried the natural way for about 1.5 years.

Khun Chaiya : During that time, we travelled a lot, we liked to jet ski, we were carefree.

Finally, we decided to see a doctor

Khun Sansanee: Before Jetanin, we went to the other hospitals. The doctors told us that my fertility issue was caused by my age. Women aged 40 and above have a decreasing chance of natural pregnancy. Even with ICSI, there is only a 20 – 30 percent chance for a positive result. For the first treatment, I got an IUI injection but it wasn’t successful. Then we went for ICSI and it didn’t work either. After getting disappointed twice, we decided to postpone for about 6 months.

Disappointed but not discouraged

Khun Chaiya : We relaxed and turned to exercising. Then my co-workers suggested Jetanin to me.

Khun Sansanee: I read a lot on the Pantip website, checking the good and bad feedback and looking at all the comments. I also talked to friends who came for fertility treatment at Jetanin. Many of them said that the doctors are very good.

Impressed in treatment procedures

Khun Chaiya: We came to Jetanin in mid 2016 and was treated by Doctor Piyaphan Punyatanasakchai. I immediately felt that Jetanin had better treatment standards than the previous hospitals we visited.

Khun Sansanee: We had a lot of bad experiences from the previous hospitals. At that time, we had done ICSI and got to the point where we could hear the baby’s heartbeat but we could not carry on due to the baby’s chromosome abnormalities. So we needed to terminate the pregnancy. When I came to Jetanin, the doctor suggested we check the chromosome first because of the age factor. I did not want to have another removal again. The doctor said that the chromosome check would reduce the removal risk. So, we had more hope.

Extremely glad – this is absolutely worth the wait

Khun Chaiya: I’m so relieved. It was like testing our luck this time.

Khun Sansanee: When the ICSI was successful, we felt very happy.

Your encouragement for other couples

Khun Sansanee: I already recommended Jetanin to one couple who are currently having a fertility treatment here. For other couples, I would like to say that treatment requires great patience.

Khun Chaiya: I will give the same suggestion that my friends gave to me, Jetanin is the best.




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