Never give up if you have hope

The thing is, Dr. Somjate’s approach was different from others and you know we really wanted to have our baby. So we decided to give it another try. Mrs. Gelly Mcintosh

“We have done it more than twenty times. Now it’s hard to describe what we have been through but I’d like to tell everyone that you should not give up.”

Some people are very lucky, they get pregnant on the first or the second try. But some people are not that lucky.

However one shouldn’t just give up. Take good care of yourself. Look at Mrs. Gelly’s story. It was a learning experience worth sharing with everyone. The most important thing is the support system in the family. Mr. Willie has always been a devoted and caring husband.

Good things take time and the big reward comes only after a long effort with patience. This is reflected deep down in the hearts of the McIntosh family (Willie and Gelly) who now feel that they are one of the happiest and luckiest parents in the world. Having a perfect family is a precious gift worth the hard effort after all.

Jetanin: How did you find out about Jetanin?

Gelly : “A friend of mine who had a successful treatment at Jetanin recommended me to come here. And my doctor, Dr. Somjate, is Nong Mam’s friend.”

Jetanin: What made it difficult for you to have a baby?

Gelly : “After 6 years, I learned about my problems. My uterus has a lot of fascia. Everybody told me to stop because I tried so many times before. I had to take a lot of medicine and go through so many things. I sometimes wonder whether there is anyone else in the world like me (laughter). The thing is, Dr. Somjate’s approach was different from others and you know we really wanted to have our baby. So we decided to give it another try.”

Jetanin: Can you share your feeling when you found out you were pregnant?

Gelly : “Oh, I cried with Dr. Somjate (laughter). And I was shocked. I never thought it would be possible because I always had negative results. With the earlier treatments before this, we didn’t even wait for the results, because we were so used to being disappointed. We would just go home and get the test report by phone. But this time was the first time with Dr. Somjate and so we thought we should show some respect, by waiting to hear the result from him. When we knew it was positive that was the first time for us, we didn’t know what to do. We just cried, both Willie and I. We were so happy.”

Jetanin: We heard that ‘Nong Win’ is almost two years old now, isn’t he?

Gelly : “Yes, one year and eleven months old. He was born on the 19th of August, 2011 at Bumrungrad International Hospital.”

Jetanin: Do you plan to have another boy or a girl?

Gelly “Actually I would love to (laughter) but I think the chance is very small, based on my physical condition and we are very happy already. Willie also says one is enough. I am 45 now and he does not want me to go through such a stressful process again. The doctor also advised that having a baby at an older age will not be good. So we think this is enough. Having ‘Nong Win’ already made us so happy.”

“I’d like to share one important time; patients with infertility issues should not be stressed. I know this is difficult (laughter). But try to find ways to avoid stress. For me, I tried not to ask too much. If we know too much, we got worried. Try to relax. More importantly, we have to trust our doctor. The doctors here are very smart.”

“I think that good things do not come easily in our lives. We have to be patient and wait for the right time. We may have to suffer physically and mentally. But I believe that if we do not give up on our hope, with our family support, we will make it through eventually.”

And this is our special guest who kindly opened her house and her heart to share her precious experience about the success of her incredible effort to have a baby. We would like to extend our thanks to this very special mother, Mrs. Geraldine McIntosh, better known as Gelly. And we extend our warmest regards to every couple out there. We hope you will not give up and receive the miracle success like the McIntosh family.



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