Success after the first try

“We decided to be treated here and were successful after the first try” Khun Hyewon Kang

Jetanin :  Hello and congratulations on the new addition to your family. How long had you been married before seeking a consultation with Jetanin?                         

Hyewon Kang :  “We had been married for seven years. My husband works for a tour company in Thailand. We never thought of having children after we got married. All we did was work.  Then last year we tried to conceive naturally for about a year with no success, so we consulted a doctor in Korea, but were unsuccessful. “

Jetanin :  Why did you decide to seek treatment with Jetanin?

Hyewon Kang :  “One of my Korean friends was working for a hospital in Bangkok and recommended Jetanin to us. After the consultation, we decided to be treated here and were successful after the first try.”

Jetanin :  What did Dr. Somjate tell you about the cause of infertility? And what treatment did he recommend?

Hyewon Kang :  “The doctor told us I would not be able to conceive naturally because both of my fallopian tubes have abnormalities, and so the doctor treated us with ICSI.”

Jetanin :  Were you anxious or afraid before beginning treatment?

Hyewon Kang :  “I was afraid, but the doctor was so kind.  He took great care of me and encouraged me, so I knew there was nothing to be afraid of.”

Jetanin :  How did you feel when you knew that you were going to have your first child?  How did you think a child could be important to your family life?                                                                              

Hyewon Kang :  “Once I found out I was pregnant, I was so happy.  I was speechless.  We were so glad to find out we’re going to have a baby.  We didn’t always see eye-to-eye in the past, and there were some conflicts.  Now we understand each other better.  We love each other more.  We’re making baby plans together and we’re always smiling.”

Jetanin :  What childbirth plans have you made?  And do you think you’ll have another baby?       

Hyewon Kang :  “We’ve decided to have the baby in Thailand.  I’d like the doctor to be the one performing the delivery. And we’ve thought about having a second baby, too.  For myself, I’m getting older. I’m already forty, but I trust and believe in the doctor here.  We intend to have the procedure performed by Dr.Somjate, just like before.”



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