Rubella in Pregnancy

Rubella in Pregnancy

Rubella in Pregnancy

German Measles (also known as Rubella) is an infection that causes a red rash on the body, with a similar appearance compared to ordinary measles. The disease is typically a mild infection that goes away shortly, without severe complications. However, infection in pregnant women, especially during their first trimester, can lead to defects or fetal death of the baby. The baby can also become infected through the mother’s blood or fluids during birth, resulting in death afterwards. Infected breast milk is also a problem.


German Measles is a serious viral infection despite prevalent vaccinations. The infection can be found in teenagers, mature adults, and pregnant women from time to time. Thus, pregnant women need to be fully aware of the disease.


Rubella Effect in Babies


The effects of Rubella can be classified into 3 types:

1.Temporary abnormalities which can be seen during the 3 months after birth: swollen liver and spleen, jaundice and paleness due to damaged red blood cells, thrombocytopenia, and lung inflammation.

2.Permanent abnormalities: hearing impairments, congenital heart defects, sight impairments, brain disorders, and retardation, which are found at 10-20%.

3.Delayed abnormalities: one third of infected babies do not show any symptoms after birth but may develop symptoms 10-30 years later.


Get Test for Rubella When Getting Pregnant


This can mitigate the risk of the disease in case the test is positive. People who have been infected with Rubella or having an immunized will stay safe from the disease for the rest of their life. However, it is possible for a person to carry the virus without any symptoms. A precautious test is recommended to prevent serious problems for the baby.


Although Rubella is not a severe disease for mothers, it can cause harms to the babies. Therefore, father and mother-to-be should be aware of it and take precaution to prevent the risks by consulting with the physicians and get a test for Rubella infection.


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