Postpartum recovery to be healthy

Postpartum recovery to be healthy

Recovering after giving birth is the first thing new mothers should do because they have to breastfeed their children. To stay healthy after giving birth, here are some advices for safe and effective postpartum recovery

Add more nutrients to food menus

For the mothers to rapidly recover and have milk supply for their babies, taking beneficial nutrients including protein, which is essential for maintaining energy level and restoring postpartum body rapidly, and green leaves, both cooked and raw like in salad and smoothies, is beneficial. These two nutrients are so nutritious that the postpartum mothers will have energy and they can also boost milk supply and keep hormones in balance. Recommended menus include Kaeng Liang (Thai spicy mixed vegetable soup), boiled rice, boiled chicken in fish sauce soup, and so on.

Take a walk for destressing

After some time of postpartum recovery where the mothers have to stay home to take care of their newborns, the mothers should go out and take a walk to destress from staying home for a long time. At least they should take a walk around the houses under the fading sunlight. It’s good for their bones and overall health.

Don’t lift heavy things

Heavy lifting can cause abdominal contraction which may cause the cesarean section or perineal wound to rip apart. The heaviest thing that you can lift is your baby. Other than that, let the father do it. The mother needs a very special care this time